About Us



Authentic and Unique Alaskan Made and Alaskan Native Created Art and Jewelry:


Alaskan Stone Arts began formally in 2011 but the concept has been in the works for a decade prior, fostered by college art classes, workshops, other artists and of course, many encouraging friends! We at Alaskan Stone Arts have always been huge art fans in all mediums admiring works from the many shows, museums and numerous state fairs around Alaska and the Pacific Northwest – always speaking with the presenting artists whenever possible as someone who wanted to someday craft art of the same high quality! Artisans are great people by and large, more than willing to share tips of the trade to an honest seeker of knowledge. This is almost a prerequisite for an Alaskan budding artist to succeed as there are many pitfalls, most will send the budding artist back to their former profession – this is not a trade where you can purchase product for the public at will and in finished form. The artist has to have a vision, the acquired knowledge to identify what will be needed to realize that vision and finally the skill to complete the vision. We at Alaskan Stone Arts, through years of trial and error, learning more every step of the way and enjoying every minute of it, have that skill.


About the artists – we are just having fun creating both distinctive one-of-a-kind Alaskan Native art and unique hand-made limited edition Alaskan made art of all kinds! Over the years we both have enjoyed attending local art shows and collecting the wonderful Alaskan art of all kinds, both Native and Alaskan made. As we collected, we also created and as a result of the years of fashioning designs beginning with both the raw rough and finished materials of stone, found ivory, gems, precious metals and base, farmed fur and fossils of all kinds – AlaskanStoneArts LLC was born. With one artist combining the more traditional forms of mask art and jewelry with a distinctive modern interpretation, the other bringing a uniquely Alaskan flair and vision to each piece of delicately crafted jewelry as authentic Alaskan made.


Alaskan Stone Arts has a growing customer base including regional art galleries who have our work displayed in studio, additionally we are featured artists at the prominent River’s Edge Studio and Gallery, located in Chugiak Alaska. This also means that our stock of finely crafted art is constantly changing so please check back often as the pieces of art finding homes are replaced by art needing a home. Check the different tabs as they include useful information as ‘Frequently Asked Questions’, ‘Order Forms’, and ‘Contact Information’. We hope you enjoy looking at what has been created and if you decide to purchase you can be assured that you will have a one of a kind piece of art!


Now to the disclaimers:  We do offer our art locally, regionally, nationally and internationally and while much of our art is fine crossing state or national borders, some items as amethyst towers, precious metals, gemstones, ivory, baleen, and/or fur crafted into the art piece can have certain restrictions placed even if crafted by a vetted, recognized Alaskan Native Artist so please be aware of the restrictions from your area. One artist has a Silver Hand Artist Permit from the Alaska State Council on the Arts with each purchase receiving a proof of authenticity seal assuring your purchase is a genuine Alaskan Native crafted piece of art. The other artist has been certified by the Alaska State Council on the Arts as an Alaskan Artist with each purchase receiving a proof of authenticity seal assuring your purchase is a genuine Alaskan Made crafted piece of art. Each piece will be clearly marked as will the occasional piece of art displayed for sale or resale by guest artists – a very short disclaimer list.

Welcome to Alaskan Stone Arts and Enjoy!