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Smokey Grey Victoria Stone (aka Iimori Stone) Trillion Pendant

Alaskan Native crafted grey trillion cut  Iimori Stone with Sterling Silver chain.

Beautiful, one of a kind Certified Alaskan Made pendant – although the same precious stones may be used, no two sets will ever be exactly the same – your assurance of a unique collectable.

Earring set crafted by verified Made in Alaska Artist, your assurance of authentic Alaskan Made Art.

Additional gem information:
From, Victoria Stone is also known as “Imori Stone”, named after it’s Japanese creator, Dr. Imori. It is not an artificial or fake stone. What Dr. Imori was able to accomplish was to actually blend several different minerals using a special process known only to him to come up with an Imori Stone, commonly called Victoria Stone.
This beautiful reconstructed gem is mineralogically similar to Nephrite Jade. It has a harness of six, specific gravity of 3.02 and a refractive index of 1.62. It was laboratory produced from natural raw materials such as quartz, feldspar, magnesite, calcite, fluorspar, etc. for a total of seven different minerals-fused together under high pressure and a high temperature and again mineralized to make this gem by adding special crystallizers and habit regulators.
This is not an imitation or synthetic but is a reconstructed natural stone. The boule of Victoria stone was slowly cooled down for 35 to 40 days to
make it crystallize into the pretty fan shapes.



STATE OF ALASKA SILVER HAND PROGRAM TRADEMARK The Silver Hand seal is protected under State of Alaska trademark statute and regulation. The seal may only be used by individuals (other than Silver Hand permit holders) or organizations with Alaska State Council on the Arts’ explicit permission. Courtesy Alaska Council of the Arts


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