Earring Set - Green Chrome Diopside Round Cut Pair 2.0ct

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Gorgeous Alaskan Native crafted ivory with sparkling round-cut natural green Chrome Diopside gems to make a stunning earring set.

Beautiful, one of a kind Native Alaskan made earrings – although the same precious stones may be used, no two sets will ever be exactly the same – your assurance of a unique collectable.

Green Chrome Diopside round-cut gems, sized 6.0mm x 6.0mm x 4.0mm each. Very nice deep colored green gems with great sparkle! Gems total weight minimum 2.0ct, total earring weight 25.8ct. Size 38.24mm H x 12.77mm W x 4.68mm depth.


Earring art set crafted by verified Alaskan Native Artist through the Silver Hand program, your assurance of authentic Native Art. Each set comes with Silver Hand tag bearing artist name, permit number and date created.

Additional gem information:
From www.Wikipedia, Gemstone quality diopside is found in two forms: the black star diopside and the chrome diopside (which includes chromium, giving it a rich green color). At 5.5–6.5 on the Mohs scale, chrome diopside is relatively soft to scratch. Due to the deep green color of the gem, they are sometimes referred to as Siberian emeralds, though they are on a mineralogical level completely unrelated, emerald being a precious stone and diopside being a semi-precious stone.. The name is an allusion to the chromium content responsible for the color. C
hrome diopside has a rich green color that provides an affordable alternative to emerald. Smaller gems are vivid green and are often used as accent stones in jewelry. Clean, bright stones larger than 2 carats are difficult to find. Larger chrome diopside gems tend to appear blackish green and are not as attractive in color as smaller stones. Lapidaries try to compensate for the tone by cutting large chrome diopside stones with shallower pavilions. Smaller sizes of chrome diopside are still available in the market today but larger stones of good quality are in short supply. Color is unenhanced and is caused by the presence of chromium. The only phenomenon associated with chrome diopside is chatoyancy. Ranking 5.5 on Mohs hardness scale, chrome diopside is moderately soft and collectors of this gem should be mindful of scratching. Avoid abrasives and solvents when cleaning chrome diopside. In jewelry, chrome diopside is best suited to pins, pendants and earrings.

The Silver Hand seal is protected under State of Alaska trademark statute and regulation. The seal may only be used by individuals (other than Silver Hand permit holders) or organizations with Alaska State Council on the Arts’ explicit permission. Courtesy Alaska Council of the Arts  http://www.eed.state.ak.us/aksca/native.htm

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