Earring Set - Pink Tourmaline Pear Set 2.0ct

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Earring Set - Pink Pear Shaped 2.0 ct Tourmaline Pair

Alaskan Native crafted ivory with natural pear shaped tourmalines as center focal stones of this gorgeous and stunning earring set.

Beautiful, one of a kind Native Alaskan made earrings – although the same precious stones may be used, no two sets will ever be exactly the same – your assurance of a unique collectable.

Pink tourmaline cut oval gems - earring gems sized 10 x 4 mm each. Very nice deep pink sparkle! Gems total weight approx. 2.0 ct, Size 1.7 in H x 0.35 in W x 0.12 in depth. Earrings set with sterling silver fish hook ear wires.

Earring art set crafted by verified Alaskan Native Artist through the Silver Hand program, your assurance of authentic Native Art. Each set comes with Silver Hand tag bearing artist name, permit number and date created.

From www.geology.com,
Tourmaline is one of the most popular gemstones because it occurs in every color of the spectrum. Jewelers and gemologists use trade names for different colors of tourmaline to simplify communications with their customers. Red tourmaline is sold as "rubellite." Dark blue tourmaline is sold as "indicolite." Dark green tourmaline is sold as "chrome tourmaline." Black tourmaline is sold as "schorl." For other tourmaline colors, the name of the color is used as an adjective. For example, "pink tourmaline" or "purple tourmaline." "Yellow tourmaline" is sometimes sold as "canary tourmaline".

The Silver Hand seal is protected under State of Alaska trademark statute and regulation. The seal may only be used by individuals (other than Silver Hand permit holders) or organizations with Alaska State Council on the Arts’ explicit permission. Courtesy Alaska Council of the Arts  http://www.eed.state.ak.us/aksca/native.htm


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