Product Care

Product Care


AlaskanStoneArts LLC would like to thank you for your purchase and are pleased that you chose us! You have made a purchase that will be enjoyed for years to come. We understand that even in the best of circumstances, situations arise and a return is necessary. In this event, returns are subject to AlaskanStoneArts LLC return policy as stated on the “Return Policy” tab. However, we at Alaskan Stone Arts are extremely proud of our work and stand behind each product and want every customer to feel completely satisfied with their purchase. Art should delight. If there is an issue pertaining to the item, craftsmanship, possibly a question about a piece, i.e. further background on a stone, or that best of all question - a custom order, feel free to contact us directly at 907-688-8404, leave a voice mail message, and/ or email us at or on our website comment section at Our website is currently under development and so, if unavailable at time of contact, please try again or refer to other listed options above.

 Care for your product gently as it is a piece of art! We try to see a potential issue before it occurs. If a stone earring was your purchase, let us try to help you keep your purchase as beautiful as possible for as long as possible! Every earring wire is silver unless otherwise stated. You will find a small piece of black paper in the box. All items are new and have had this product used on every new wire, yours is for a potential need later. The black paper is a tarnish cleaner and inhibitor. I recommend you use this above all other cleaners! Tarn-x is great but can adversely affect your stone, ivory or any other earring material. Use it at your own peril. A few tips to hold the polish are as follows:

Always apply hairspray before putting in earrings. Hairspray can affect and dull polish to anything especially stone and ivory. If you have a lot of silver, store in an airtight container, preferably lined, with a piece of blackboard chalk. Secondly, your set comes with an earring guard. USE IT! We have had to try and replace many lost earrings and it can be difficult. If this happens call or email AlaskanStoneArts LLC asap, we turn product quickly and the faster we know, the more likely we still may have the original material! Our stone earrings are cut using a mirror or butterfly image cut whenever possible. The option we recommend is letting us reset remaining earring as a pendant which we will do at our cost. You are responsible for postage both ways, contact us directly and we will work with you for the best outcome possible.

If you like us, tell a friend! We, AlaskanStoneArts LLC also are now in the process of designing a referral rewards program, subscribed email mailing list and a monthly newsletter notifying you of upcoming events, flash sales etc. average email alert is once a month but at Christmas time we make no promises! We also do a few vendors shows in the Anchorage regional area and will post an upcoming events page. If you see something you like but want a different color or size? We do custom!!! Contact AlaskanStoneArts LLC and lets get creative!

       Once again, thank you! Recommend us to your friends, and if we can help you in anyway, feel free to contact us.